Presentation Slides for “Mobile DevOps with Visual Studio Team Services and HockeyApp”

Thank you very much for attending my session “Mobile DevOps with Visual Studio Team Services and HockeyApp” at “Visual Studio Party 2017”. I hope you gained something and will spread the word on the cool things about Visual Studio. As always, feel free to contact me with questions and feedback (

As agreed, I am sharing the presentation slides in this post. My sincere apologies for the long wait.

Session Synopsis:
In this session, you will learn more about how HockeyApp and Visual Studio Team Services help you to deliver high-quality, modern apps for Android, iOS, and Windows. You will see how to automate your build pipeline, run unit and integration tests, and control the release management. Lastly, you will see how you can ship updates to your customers almost instantly with Microsoft continuous delivery process and understand how your apps are used and crash, then fix those crashes and track progress with new monitoring and analytics capabilities.

Presentation Slides:
Mobile DevOps with Visual Studio Team Services and HockeyApp