Presentation Slides for “End-to-end Application Performance Monitoring with Application Insights”

Thank you very much for attending my session “End-to-end Application Performance Monitoring with Application Insights” at “Experts Live Asia 2017”. I hope you gained something and will spread the word on the cool things about Application Insights. As always, feel free to contact me with questions and feedback (

As agreed, I am sharing the presentation slides in this post.

Session Synopsis:
Application performance monitoring (APM) is an area of information technology (IT) that focuses on making sure software application programs perform as expected. The goal of performance monitoring is to provide end users with a quality end-user experience. APM allows you to isolate problems real-time for all of your Web applications and Web services whether on-premise or cloud. This session on Application Performance Monitoring demonstrates and discusses the benefits of having visibility into key metrics about your applications, as well as alerts and logging about their health. It also covers the Availability Monitoring practice.

Presentation Slides:
End-to-end Application Performance Monitoring with Application Insights


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