Presentation Slides for “What’s New in Visual Studio 2017”

Thank you very much for attending my session “What’s New in Visual Studio 2017” at “Visual Studio Party 2017”. I hope you gained something and will spread the word on the cool things about Visual Studio. As always, feel free to contact me with questions and feedback (

As agreed, I am sharing the presentation slides along with several updated slides in this post. My sincere apologies for the long wait as there are several newly added slides are embargoed until after March 7, 2017.

Session Synopsis:
In this session, you will see the new Visual Studio 2017 features, namely real time continuous testing, real time architecture dependency validation, and code style and code analysis rules. Here is your chance to learn about continuous feedback on the quality of your code, alerts to dependency violations, centrally define code style and code analysis rules across multiple developers and teams.

Presentation Slides:
What’s New in Visual Studio 2017

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