Rebuild Team Foundation Server client’s computer cache

You can force a rebuild of the cache on each client computer the next time the client computer connects to a team project collection by using the witadmin rebuildcache command.

To prevent workspace errors from occurring during version control or build operations in Team Foundation, the data cache on client computers must be updated after certain maintenance operations. After you move, restore, rename, or fail over a data-tier or application-tier server, you must refresh the cache for tracking work items and users must refresh the version control cache on client computers.

The following is the syntax of the witadmin rebuildcache command:

witadmin rebuildcache /collection:CollectionURL [/noprompt]

The following command invalidates the metadata cache for all clients that connect to Tfs_DefaultCollection that is defined on the server that is named TfsServer. The client caches are updated the next time they connect to the project collection.

witadmin rebuildcache /collection:http://TfsServer:8080/tfs/Tfs_DefaultCollection


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