Renaming the Reporting Services computer in a Team Foundation deployment

The dashboards in SharePoint displayed reports from Reporting Services. The dashboards use a special page “TfsRedirect.aspx” which will take data from the Team Foundation Server and redirect to the correct page. These data are cached on the server hosting the SharePoint. This cache has be to cleared so that the next call to TfsRedirect.aspx will correctly retrieve the new Reporting Services computer name.This page enables access to other team project resources such as the associated SQL Server Reporting Services report folder, Team Web Access site or process guidance. You can perform the following steps to clear the cache from the server hosting the SharePoint:

1. Open a web browser.
2. Go to “http://<computer_name>/sites/<team_project_collection_name>/<team_project_name>/_layouts/TfsRedirect.aspx?tf:Type=ReportList&tf:ClearCache=1&tf:Test=1” (without the quotes).

The following are the explanations on parameters of the above URL:

1. The parameters starting with tf: are used by the TfsRedirect.aspx page.
2. The tf:Type parameter indicates the redirection type.
3. The tf:ClearCache=1 parameter indicates to clear the Team Foundation Server cache in SharePoint.
4. The tf:Test=1 parameter indicates the we only want to test the redirection and display debugging data (e.g. settings and cached data) instead of redirecting to another page.