My Tech Insights 2014 – Office 365 Edition Slides

Thank you for attending my session at Tech Insights 2014 – Office 365 Edition! I hope you have all managed to return to your daily cycles with ease after the event. It was my pleasure to have you and hope you enjoyed your time at Tech Insights 2014 – Office 365 Edition. As promised, I am posting my slides for my session. 🙂


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Develop, Build, Package, and Deploy SharePoint and Office Apps with Napa Development Tools

Tech Insights 2014 – Office 365 Edition

I will be speaking “Develop, Build, Package, and Deploy SharePoint and Office Apps with “Napa” Development Tools” at “Tech Insights – Microsoft Cloud Office 365 Edition”. Many thanks to the event organizer for inviting me as a speaker at the event. The event will be held at Microsoft Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Level 26, Tower 3, Petronas Twin Towers, Persiaran KLCC, 50088 Kuala Lumpur on July 9, 2014.

Session Synopsis:
One of the biggest issues in getting started with SharePoint development are the steps you need to go through, and the heavy duty machine you need to invest in, to create a development environment for a SharePoint and Office developer. With the introduction of SharePoint and Office apps, everything has changed! With the advent of apps – for both Office and SharePoint in Office 365, you can actually develop compelling functionality for this cloud-based environment. In this session, you will learn how to build, package, and deploy SharePoint and Office apps with Napa.


How to buy an app from the SharePoint Store

To add an app to a site, you must have at least Full Control permissions for that site. If you are a Site Owner, you already have this permission.

(1) On the site where you want to add an app, click the Settings button, and then click Add an app.
(2) On the Your Apps page, click SharePoint Store in the left-hand navigation.
(3) Use the Categories on the left to filter the selection and browse for the app that you want.
(4) Click the app you want to add. Click Details or Reviews to learn more about the app.
(5) If you are buying this app, use the drop-down list under the price to specify whether you are buying it for your own use, or for use by several people. If required, specify the number of user licenses that you want to buy.
(6) To buy the app click Buy It. (If it’s a free app, click Add it.)
(7) Follow the steps to log on with your Microsoft account to buy the app.
(8) When you are asked whether you want to trust the app, review the Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Statement from the app developer, and then click Trust It.
(9) The app will now appear on the Site Contents page. You can go to the app by clicking it on the Site Contents Page, which takes you to the app.
(10) Done! 🙂