Visual Studio 2013 pricing released!

Good news! The pricing will remain in line with that of the current Visual Studio 2012 suite. Those who get access to Visual Studio via their MSDN subscriptions won’t have to pay anything to move to the latest version when it becomes generally available on October 18, 2013. There will be one change in the SKU line-up between Visual Studio 2012 and 2013. Microsoft will be reintroducing a Visual Studio Professional 2013 Upgrade SKU for customers running Visual Studio 2012 Professional. For a limited time (November 1, 2013 through January 31, 2014), those interested in the VS Professional 2013 Upgrade SKU can get it for $99 (approximately RM317) from the Microsoft Online Store. After that time, the price will be $299 (approximately RM957).

Current Visual Studio 2012 prices include:

  •     Visual Studio 2012 Professional: $499 (approximately RM1,597)
  •     Visual Studio 2012 Professional with MSDN: $799 (approximately RM2,557)
  •     Visual Studio 2012 Premium with MSDN: $2,569 (approximately RM8,221)
  •     Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate with MSDN: $4,249 (approximately RM13,597)

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