Part 1 of 2: Upgrading a Report Server database used by older versions of Team Foundation Server

The report server database provides storage for one or more report server instances. Because the report server database schema can change with each new release of Reporting Services, it is required that the database version match the version of the report server instance you are using. In most cases, a report server database can be upgraded automatically with no specific action on your part.

The following summarizes the ways to upgrade a ReportServer database:

1. Setup upgrades a single instance of a report server. Then the database schema is automatically upgraded after service startup and the report server determines that the database schema version does not match the server version.

2. At service startup, the report server checks the database schema version to verify that it matches the server version. If the database schema version is an older version, it is automatically upgraded to the schema version that is required by the report server. Automatic upgrade is especially useful if you restored or attached an older report server database. A message is entered in the report server trace log file indicating that the database schema version was upgraded.

3. The Reporting Services Configuration Manager upgrades a local or remote report server database when you select an older version to use with a newer report server instance. In this case, you must confirm the upgrade action before it happens.

4. The Reporting Services Configuration Manager no longer provides a separate Upgrade button or upgrade script. Those features are obsolete starting with SQL Server 2008 due to the automatic upgrade feature of the Report Server service.


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