Workspaces in Team Foundation Server 2010

Team Foundation Server 2010 does not ship with a full UI for manipulating workspace permissions. Users are limited to choosing between three “permission profiles” for their workspaces; a permission profile is essentially a template for the workspace’s access control list. The default permission profile is “Private workspace“. A private workspace has the same effective behavior as a workspace in Team Foundation Server 2005 and Team Foundation Server 2008. The workspace can only be used by its owner. The access control list for a private workspace has only one entry, granting all permissions to the owner. The two other permission profiles we ship are “Public-limited” and “Public“. These two profiles continue to grant all permissions to the owner. They additionally grant any valid user additional permissions. For public-limited, other users are granted the Read and Use permissions on the workspace. For a fully public workspace, every valid user of the team project collection has the same permissions as the owner: Read, Use, CheckIn, Administer.


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