AVIcode Terminology

Recently, I started to learn AVIcode. I wanted to cover some terminology to make clear each component, AVIcode is a product and currently still is that can run as a standalone product, although Microsoft want you to use it as an ‘Add-In’ to Operations Manager.

Intercept Agent
AVIcode Intercept Agent provides the following monitors:

1. Intercept Operations Monitor – collects performance and exception information from .NET applications.
2. Intercept Event Log Monitor (part of the Intercept service) – collects events from the Windows Event Log
3. Intercept Performance Counter Monitor  (part of the Intercept service) – collects both State performance counters (for current application health state) and Troubleshooting performance counters (for historical application health state)

The Intercept monitors attach to any .NET application on the fly, without any code modifications or recompilation of the monitored application.  The Intercept Agent uses standard common language runtime (CLR) mechanisms, so that it will have no behavioral effect on the monitored application.

Intercept Service
The Intercept Service is responsible for activating monitoring for Applications, Web Services, Executables, Windows Services, COM+ Applications, Event Logs, Performance Counters and instrumentation. It also controls the Intercept Event Log Monitor and the Intercept Performance Counter Monitor.

SE-Viewer Configuration Utility
The SE-Viewer Configuration Utility  provides a convenient way to configure SE-Viewer to use a Microsoft SQL Server database and to manage the Advisor database.

Intercept Management Console
The Intercept Management Console provides a convenient way to configure monitored applications in Intercept Studio.  It allows system administrators to add applications, to select either performance or event monitoring, and to set thresholds and other options.




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