AVIcode 5.7: 5 reasons you will not see data in AVIcode (Reason #2)

There are a few exception classes that are excluded from data collection in the default configuration:


You can only disable/enable data collection for particular exception classes if you update configuration files manually. There is no UI option for that.

In order to enable these for exceptions (or to disable some other exceptions), do this:

– Open PMonitor.config file (\Program Files\AVIcode\Intercept\Agent\v5.7.491\Configuration\Standard)

– Locate ss:exceptions section for w3wp application

Excluded Exceptions

Excluded Exceptions

– Add condition=”excluded” lines for the exceptions you want to disable
– Remove such lines for the exceptions you want AVIcode to capture

Note that “ss:exceptions” settings can be configured globally for all applications, or they can be configured per application.


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