Repairing SharePoint Web Applications

There are several things that can happen over the lifetime of a deployment that can cause the mappings between Team Foundation Server and SharePoint Products to get out of sync.

This can result in errors about permissions in Team Foundation Server contacting SharePoint Products and vice versa.  Another way this can show up is in a project site not knowing which team project it is hooked up to (even though the Portal Settings dialog is correct and has the “reports and dashboards” checkbox checked).

If you see things like this, you should first try to repair the connections.

Step 1: Open the Team Foundation Server Administration Console on the application tier machine.

Step 2: Go to the SharePoint Web Applications node.

Step 3: Select the web application in question.

Step 4: Select the Repair Connection action.

Step 5: Click the Repair button on the dialog.

Step 6: As steps occur, messages will be added to the text box.

Step 7: When its done, take note if you get any warnings as you might need to manually configure things (usually if you are not a Farm Administrator in SharePoint Products).

Step 8: Close the repair dialog and retry.


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