MSBuild Arguments property in Team Foundation Server 2010

Sometimes you want to include external references in the Team Foundation Server Version Control so that you don’t need to install the assemblies in the GAC of every build server. In Team Foundation Server 2010, the build is based on Windows Workflow, and there is no default option to add the hintpaths (or additionalreferencepaths) where the build can find your external files.

You now have to specify the paths as MSBuild Arguments. You can do that as following:

1. Find your build definition in the Team Explorer.
2. Right click on the build and choose “Edit Build Definition”.
3. In the list on the left, select the “Process” step,
4. In the “Advanced” section, type the following in the “MSBuild Arguments” property:


Alternatively, you can specify multilple reference paths by adding multiple paths by using the ‘;‘. For example,



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