Database Changes in Team Foundation Server 2010

The introduction of Team Project Collections has brought with it changes to the organization of the Team Foundation Server databases. With the introduction of Team Project Collections, we wanted to consolidate the various subsystem data to make Team Project Collections easier to manage. As a result, the Team Foundation Server 2010 database architecture is as follows:

– The “root” database that contains centralized Team Foundation Server configuration data, including the list of all Team Project Collections that this Team Foundation Server farm is responsible for. If you look at Beta 1, you will see this is currently called TFS_Application but the product teams are changing the name to TFS_Configuration after Beta 1 to make it more consistent with Sharepoint terminology (WSS_Config).

TFS_Warehouse – The Team Foundation Server 2010 data warehouse database that contains reporting data from all Team Project Collections served by this Farm. This means that the data warehouse provides reporting capabilities across all Team Project Collections in the farm.

TFS_* – One database for each Team Project Collection managed by the Team Foundation Server farm. For example the “default” one would be TFS_DefaultCollection.  Each database contains all of the operational data regardless of sub system (version control, work item tracking, build, etc) for a given Team Project Collection.


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