Supported Windows Account Types to Run the SQL Server Agent Service

Sometimes, my customers complaint that their SQL Server Agent is not stable. I was really surprised. SQL Server Agent is pretty stable since the earlier versions of SQL Server. SQL Server Agent is a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 component that lets you automate some administrative tasks. SQL Server Agent runs jobs, monitors SQL Server, and processes alerts. Most of the time this is due to service account type that is configured. I thought it would be worthwhile to blog on this. The following are all the supported service account types to run the SQL Server Agent service: 
Service account type Nonclustered server Clustered server Domain controller (nonclustered)
Windows domain account (member of the Windows Administrators group) Supported Supported Supported
Windows domain account (nonadministrative) Supported Supported Supported
Network Service account (NT AUTHORITY\NetworkService) Supported Not supported Not supported
Local user account (nonadministrative) Supported Not supported Not applicable
Local System account (NT AUTHORITY\System) Supported Not supported Supported
Local Service account (NT AUTHORITY\LocalService) Not supported Not supported Not supported


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