Web and Load Testing with Visual Studio Team System

Today I delivered a talk "Web and Load Testing with Visual Studio Team System" at IGT Sdn Bhd (http://www.igt.com.my/). 14 people attended the talk. Patrick delivered the first session while I delivered the second session. The web test and load test features were initially introduced in Visual Studio 2005, and enhanced in Visual Studio 2008. These tests are available in the Team Test and Team Suite editions of Visual Studio Team System. Web tests enable you to generate http requests and responses, test for correctness of the responses, and measure response times and throughput. The primary scenario for web tests is to use them in a load test to generate load against a web application and measure web application performance. In order to efficiently generate load, Web tests work at the http layer, they do not drive the browser. Load tests enable you to simulate many users hitting using an application at the same time, and then measure server response times, throughput, error rates, and resource utilization on the servers under test. Load tests will help you ensure your applications will stand up under load and deliver acceptable performance. In addition to driving web tests to simulate user activity, load tests can also run “unit” tests under load, which enables you to drive load to any server with a .NET API.

Presentation Slides: http://cid-d1df34a904545dc5.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Public/Web%20and%20Load%20Testing%20with%20Visual%20Studio%20Team%20System.pdf


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