Tech Insights 2009 Geek @Work Contest

As part of the organizer of Tech Insights 2009, I would like to invite all my friends to join the following contest.
Geek @Work
Running Duration
31st August – September 15th
How to Play
1. From now until September 15th, do this:
Take a photo of yourself or get a friend to help you. The photo must be following the theme of “GEEK AT WORK”. Post this photo into the Tech Insights Facebook Group ( and TAG yourself on to the picture (only 1 tag per photo). 
2. The winner will be the photo with the most amount of ‘Likes’. The prizes will be given to the person tagged.
3. The tagged person must remained an active Facebook user throught out the contest period.
4. The organizer will try to contact the person via Facebook private message.
1. Be creative! Use items at work that may represent IT, Tech Insights or anything related! Idea: a whacky photo of yours in server room, or you doing something fun on your laptop.
2. Spread the word! The more people that knows about your photo.. the more chances of ‘Likes’ you will receive.
1. Photos that are not self-tagged will be disqualified.
2. No nudity in the photos are allowed and will be automatically disqualified and banned from the facebook group.
Winner will be informed on the 16th September and the prize will be presented during the keynote of TechInsights Penang on September 17th!

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