Adding Users for Team Foundation Server Workgroup Edition

Special Group Membership for Workgroup Edition

After you install Team Foundation Server Workgroup Edition, you must add
users to Team Foundation Licensed Users security group in order for them to
connect to the server.

This security group is a server-level group specific to the Workgroup
Edition. This group is created during installation of the Workgroup Edition, but
not the Trial Edition or the Standard Edition. The user account used during
installation is added to the group by default. You can add up to four additional
users to this group manually.

This group controls connection to the server only. It does not control access
to creating projects or working within projects. Additional security groups
control access to the server’s functionality.

To add users to the Team Foundation Licensed Users group

  1. Log on as a Team Foundation Administrator, open Team Explorer, and connect
    to the Team Foundation Serverfor which you are adding a user.
  2. From the Team menu, click Team Foundation Server Settings, and
    then click Group Membership.
  3. In the Global Groups dialog box, click Team Foundation Licensed
    and then click Properties.
  4. In the Team Foundation Server Group properties dialog box, click
    Windows User or Group, and then click Add.
  5. In the Select Users or Groups dialog box, type the user accounts you
    want to add, and then click Add. Note: You can add individual
    user accounts but not a group account.
  6. Click Close.



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