The Art of Being a Successful DBA (Part 1)

Last Friday, I delivered a talk covering 5 tips and tricks on monitoring SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008. The following are the details of the talk:



Monitoring is an important aspect of database administration because SQL Server provides services in a dynamic environment. The data in the application changes, the type of access that users require changes, and the way that users connect changes. SQL Server automatically manages system-level resources such as memory and disk space, but monitoring lets administrators identify performance trends to determine if changes are necessary.



In this talk, the attendees are introduced to different strategies to monitor SQL Server:

  • to use the System Monitor to obtain performance data about your computer and the instances of SQL Server running on your computer
  • to use the SQL Server Profiler to trace server and database activity
  • to use event notifications to capture and monitor significant events for a SQL Server instance
  • to implementing DDL triggers that enable you to audit changes to the structure of database objects
  • to examine the current activity in a SQL Server instance.


In this talk, the attendees are introduced to several tips and tricks to use the monitoring tools in SQL Server to monitor SQL Server. SQL Server provides you with a number of tools you can use for tracking how well SQL Server is performing, including the SQL Server event log, which can prove to be an invaluable tool when determining the reason for a failure as part of a trouble-shooting exercise. However, this session concentrates on techniques you can use to trace and monitor live activity occurring in SQL Server databases.

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