DTSRun command line decryption utility

Recently, I helped one of my friends to migrate DTS packages from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005 (as SSIS packages). Most of the DTS packages are triggered by a SQL Server job in which the DTS package name and its corresponding parameters are encrypted. I tried to do a little research on the Internet and found this wonderful command line tool (DTSRunDec.c). Oppps is a C source file. Is ok anyway. I have managed to compile the source file. I’ll be including the download url later in this blog entry. 
Sometimes people ask how to decrypt some sort of data stored in Microsoft SQL Server 2000. One case is decryption of DTSRun command line parameters that can be found in sysjobsteps table:
SELECT command
  FROM msdb.dbo.sysjobsteps
DTSRun /~Z0xF2E216E36948A6C83AC888EA05C93E2CACB07C0B59649CE75654E3FDAC6CCE4ED5F72528FC6458D14F566A164C9F31C4D18CA65E9E244994C4DF0ABE475C42D18B31DC84FB51E22B6DF34778D5159106B3D727B6CD576891E34C7D
Value after /~Z can be decrypted using DTSRunDec.exe.

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