ASP.NET MVC Framework on Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition

Some time ago I did an evaluation of the ASP.NET MVC Framework (the very first preview of the framework). I was introduced to this framework by a friend of mine (Patrick Yong). The ASP.NET MVC enables you to build Model View Controller (MVC) applications by using the ASP.NET framework. ASP.NET MVC is an alternative, not a replacement, for ASP.NET Web Forms that offers the following benefits:

* Clear separation of concerns
* Testability – support for Test-Driven Development
* Fine-grained control over HTML and JavaScript
* Intuitive URLs

If you want to learn more about the framework, you may go to Do remember to download the videos and the starter kit. The project url is located at

Okay. Back to the actual point. At the time when I was evaluating the framework, out of curiosity I began to explore all the Visual Studio directories on my virtual images (I have installed Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition and Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition on different virtual images.). Then I found something known as templates. Visual Studio allows developers to create their very own versions of templates. So I began to modify the ASP.NET MVC Framework templates (VB .NET and C#) on the virtual image of Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition. After modifying I dump my modified templates (from Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition virtual image to Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition) into the

….\My Documents\Visual Studio 2008\Templates\ProjectTemplates\Visual Web Developer

directory. Then I startup my Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition. To my surprise, the template really appears under "My Templates" group of the "New Web Site" dialog. 🙂

"Err.. Arghh.. Anyone can tell me whether I could upload a zip file to my blog (don’t tell me to use SkyDrive)? I wanted to upload my templates ler. Hai.. No choice. Need to use SkyDrive."

Here you go:
VB.NET Template Url:|5VB.NET|
C# Template Url:|5C|3|


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